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Example, we roll out new content every month. Thus after downloading contents for this month, we should remove last month's content to save space. Content doesn't have to be backed up and will be stored in Caches folder. There aren't any download or storage limits for your app other than available space on the device, of course ; if there were, they'd be mentioned in the iOS Data Storage Guidelines.

However, you do need to consider how your data files will work with iCloud -- in particular, you should decide whether it's okay for the device to discard your downloaded data when storage gets low.

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If it's okay to remove your files, store them in the caches directory. If it's not okay, then you can store them in the documents directory and set the attributes on your files to exclude them from iCloud backup. Also, be sure to store user data separate from the downloaded data so that the user data can be backed up. This avoids the need to keep the app running while the data is being downloaded.

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The limit is relative to the available storage on the device. There exist or did exist Navigation apps that could download well over 1GB of data.

Cellular Over-the-Air App Download Limit Increased to 150 MB

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is there a download limit to ios apps?

Ask Question. Please don't post about using other software for file transfer, I am not interested in webdav, ftp, or other protocols. Posted on Nov 21, Page content loaded. Nov 21, The limit is space left on your hard drive up to the internal limitations of the system's ability to count in binary using a bit word.

Bypass the 150MB download restriction on cellular

That's about But this is not a browser limit, it's a system imposed limit on the size for a single file. Of course for most people this far exceeds the storage capacity of any storage device except a multi-drive RAID striped array of at least six 3 TB hard drives. Thanks Kappy, is that coming from internal developer knowledge, something documented by the Safari team, or imperical testing? I assume Safari has to keep the filesize in some internal variable and just wanted to make sure they didn't artificially truncate it.

Are their actually unit tests for Safari that have functionally tested this capability? Well, I claim no special insights.

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However, every OS has a counting limit set by the maximum word size it can handle. In any case it's really big! File sizes are counted in blocks using a single word to count the number of blocks usually. I'm sure somewhere someone may have tested this, but I don't know where you might find the information.

I'm not a Safari expert so I don't know if Safari itself uses a smaller word-size to count file blocks.

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