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Navigon Cockpit feature

Here's a transcript of our interview:. Peter has a fantastic new product, you'll never guess what they do, they actually do some sort of, well, navigation system.

This looks sleek, what can I say? Tell me all about it.

This is the new Navigon 84 Series, which is showcasing Navigon's latest 3D implementation, so it's taking digitised images of buildings, and putting that into the map, so that when you're looking at the sat nav screen, it's as close as possible to what you're actually looking at through the windscreen. Now, I'm just going to throw in here, I'm just passing Big Ben on this demo, and it's even got the clock on it. You'd be surprised how helpful this actually is, I mean I know that when I'm driving, especially in London, in the inner city, sometimes you're looking at buildings, and you could quite literally have gone onto the wrong road without realising, but here you've got clear stylings of buildings, you've got Gothic, you've got s' sort of architecture, and you can see that on the screen, so this really is a bigger bonus than you think.

Also the road markings are very clear on this. And we've noticed with people who've looked and watched this demo that they can recognise buildings that they've worked in, so the graphics are good enough to be able to say, ah yes, that's the door I used to be in, that's the pub I used to go to, that's the place they used to be. We've just gone past a bus lane, I think that's phenomenal, on the left-hand side you've got water, so you've got other surrounding elements that really help.

Now, the only thing is, how do we upload this?

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The 84 Series product comes with a map update service as standard, so you get two years' worth of map updates within the price of the product, and that's inclusive of the city maps coming down with these digital images. I think it's important to say, though, that we can't digitise everywhere at this point, so we are able to do central London, central Manchester, central Birmingham, and the centre zones, like the congestion charging zone.

When you drop out of that particular zone, you lose some of the quality of information on the graphic of the building. I see, and we just dropped out now, so this is just block images, but we still know that there are structures there, so whilst it's not as detailed, we don't get the feel for architecture, etc, and so forth; we do get a layout of the actual city. You still get the layout of the city and the building, and also integrated into that you'll start to see landmarks, so certain landmarks will still come up as a full digital image, but the buildings themselves, as you say, become more of a kind of grey block style, but even then it still comes back to this question of saying, well, am I turning at this junction?

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What about road accidents and traffic problems? The 84 Series comes as standard with TMC Traffic, which is the free broadcast-to-air service that you get over commercial radio, and it gives you back traffic problems as they get broadcast to it, so it works them out, tells you where the problem is, and tells you what the problem is using TMC. Now the benefit of TMC Essentially the commercial radio is broadcasting a little packet of data that says, I've got a traffic problem here, and this is what it is, so it's like roadworks, or it's an accident, or it's some other problem, maybe a short-term issue like an average speed camera or something like that, there's a problem at a particular point.

Yes, so it'll give you that information back using the traffic channel, but traffic channel over commercial radio can take maybe 20 minutes to give you sufficient information to be useful to your journey. No, so then you have an alternative, which you want to, which is then to use Live Services.

I think for us, the third generation is going to really take two directions: Exactly, or where you've got diversions, and things like that. So I think that's where it's going, but still Carl, that's still probably a few years away just yet. Well, I'm looking forward to it, but I would like this in the meantime, if you don't mind. I'll put this in my back pocket. Before I do, should I give you some money for it? And also it's a multimedia device, so there are options I can do here to add things like digital television, which it can be digital television if you want it to be; you can also add an option around truck navigation, which should mean I could load a profile in here that says, my vehicle is this heavy, this long, this wide, this high.

Find the best way to all the places you need to go with CoPilot. Detailed street maps of an entire country or region are stored on your phone, so you can plan routes and get driving or walking directions without a mobile internet connection. Yes, smartphone GPS is good, good enough for average use. Just like smartphone cameras, they are average in term of photo quality and it can never replace a DSLR. Does Garmin Mobile Xt support N? Some body help me to download free Garmin mobile xt for nokia Smartphone cameras have already replaced the DSLR cameras.

You can never take professional quality photos with a smartphone, no matter how good the camera is. If that is the case, will you allow someone to take your wedding pic with the best smartphone camera? I do not want a free app, I want a good app especially when traveling to Canada.

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Using Nokia Winphone 10 latest updates. Been using a stand-alone Garmin for decades but like idea of using larger WinPhone. I like the paid Copilot for the U. Looks like the copilot website is dying? Many of the links are dead or graphics are gone.

Mobile app - Navigon

Is coPilot on its last legs? Your email address will not be published.

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