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But I do enjoy the few hours of a morality break once a week or so. Typically, I wake up quite early in the morning 5 AM and drive for 15 minutes to the checkpoint. It is very close to my home, and yet life on the other side of that checkpoint is so different from mine.

I pick up two or three children, most of whom have cancer but also other major illnesses or disabilities, along with their chaperones, and we go straight to the hospital. There, the children will receive treatment or see a doctor for monitoring the status of their illness.

They up much earlier than I did, on the other side of the barrier, as they had to leave enough time for the long, sometimes detailed scrutiny at the checkpoint.


While I am waiting for them, hundreds, sometimes thousands, of one-day job seekers are jammed in in close physical proximity around me, and I wonder how tough it is for the three year-old children to make it through the cloud of cigarette smoke generated there, till they reach my car. Some complain and their parent comforts them.

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When he fell asleep, his mother put him into the car seat. We usually avoid the morning traffic jam and arrive at the hospital early.

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At the end of the day, another volunteer will take them back to the checkpoint. Quite a tough day for a kid with cancer, and, frankly, for the parent, too. Collect, connect and pop Tsums based on your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum plushes. Rise through the ranks as a powerful battlefield commander in this exciting game of strategy and competitive galactic combat!

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