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My last try has been to date Spotify to draw attention to the problem by the 'idea' function.

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Accordingly it could help if some vote for it! I have the same problem.

But what about security?

I just got the EMUI update this week, and Spotify went from a functional full lock screen control to that tiny notification widget which is hardly functional. Any fix? I want the old function back, at least that gave me control without constantly unlocking my phone. Yes, I've already tried. I have even reset my complete phone. This problem is really annoying me Huawei customer care has been useless suggesting a complete reset of the smartphone Please fix this issue, I'm really thinking to close my Spotify account and starting uploading songs directly in my P I am now having this issue too.

Is this likely to be a Spotify or Huawei issue? According to Huawei, the problem is by Spotify, and Spotify does not want to help.

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Although Huawei has a terrible support, but Spotify does not have any.. What do I pay for? Guys, it's about three months that we're having this problem As user, my "annoyed" feeling is becoming anger I'm not paying for the next months if the issue will be not fixed I'll try IMusic or upload my music on the P9. At this point I don't know and actually I don't care if the source of the problem is Spotify or Huawei. Guys, we're paying for a service and the service is not working as it used to work, we're not even asking for new functionallity. Did you know that the current group on Galaxy devices—the Galaxy S6 and Edge as well the new Note 5 and Edge Plus—allow you to choose a group of images that will be displayed on your lock screen in a sort-of slideshow?

Set A Picture Slideshow As Your Lockscreen In Windows 10

If so, good catch. But if you're like me and you're just now discovering this, I'll show you how to use the feature below.

To get this one going, just head to your phone's main Settings menu and select the "Wallpaper" entry. From here, use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to select "Lock screen," then press the "From Gallery" button in the bottom-left corner. Next, you'll see a photo-picker interface, which is pretty standard stuff. But upon closer examination, you'll notice a small check box superimposed on the top-left corner of each thumbnail. Tick this check box for each image that you'd like to use in your lock screen wallpaper slideshow, then be sure to tap the "Done" button in the top-right corner.

At this point, you'll be given a chance to size your wallpaper to fit by panning and zooming as necessary, but when you're done here, make sure to hit the "Set As Wallpaper" button at the bottom of the screen to make your changes permanent.

From now on, your phone will display a different lock screen wallpaper each hour of the day—pretty cool, right? If you've found any other cool little tips like this whilst poking around in the various settings menus on your Galaxy S6, we'd love to hear about them in the comments section below.