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The new Rio is so cute of course lah that girl attracted: Petaling Jaya. Top up abit go for ketam Sivik Terubo. Baru grade sudah purchase this kind of car Inb4 gaji 20K.. Oct 20 , Kia Rio looks ok and affordable.

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  5. The Honda Jazz CKD – now the most affordable Honda you can buy in Malaysia;
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Ok only? Design cun wey. Perfect for a first car! Exterior ok la, interior is expired But still good as a warm hatch: Yaa but all mahal mahal one. Anythin below RM80k? Rio ,: Get second hand car later need to repair this replace that. Better get a new car. Pay extra now, not later when everything rosak d.

Can get decent 3 year old cars for really good prices. Trick is to get things vetted by a trusted mechanics. These cars will still be under warranty period. Oct 23 , Nov From: Oct 25 , Oct 26 , KL - Cardiff - Subang - Sydney. I rather they remove this 2 useless feature and throw in a better gearbox or a better HU.

Najib Razak Oct 26 , Mestilah Honda Jazz -minyak jimat -maintenance murah -spare murah -good RV -spacious interior -spacious boot space -ultra seat versatility. Not Your Business. Tapi honda xde 6 airbag.. Bagus kia bagi 3 year free maintainance. Jul From: Where got najib pakai mazda.. VIP Posts: Mongrel Isle. IMO the car is very good when driving highway, quiet and very smooth, gives you the boost when u need it. Also, the car has very small space, the backseat is very cramp but the boot is good enough.

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Oct 27 , Choose the one that gives you the highest resale value. You need high resale value for this category. Hahahaha byk sgt duit we go for kia sorento or carnival.. Y polo when there is vento? Oct 28 , Haiyo audi tt must b high maintainance Better buy new car.. This kia rio with 6 airbag 4 break disc.. Oct 29 , Close Topic Options. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

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Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. Regular Group: Top Quote Reply. Mabuk Susu. New Member Group: Hardcore Casual Gamer Group: That's a tripod. Getting Started Group: Iriz better. Look at all my stars!!! Honda Jazz of course Look at all my stars!! PTPTN dah abis bayar? Axia la. Casual Group: Enthusiast Group: WTF i'm reading Mana turbooooo, no turbooo no laif ya mana pug , fiesta 1.

On my way Group: Saga 40k boleh setel. All the brand u stated is at least 80k without discount. Axia sudah. I choose Kia Rio!

Honda Jazz RS Facelift 2019 - Eksterior dan Interior

Smarter choice! Kia Rio cool af. Indeed, with 17inch rims and sunroof too! Hahah so true. Kia Rio FTW lol. New kia rio is kinda sexyy. I choose kia rio for now. Najib Razak. Ada pama fund mah Sked wut Yolo. Polo is now giving lower price but i'm pretty sure they will be problem in maintenance soon. Attracted to the Rio instead of her boyfriend? Mercenary Group: Boring sikit.

Agree with your comparison. Iriz,Myvi,Picanto, Iriz? I'll pass. Pay extra now, not later when everything rosak d Can get decent 3 year old cars for really good prices. But to go thru that hassle, not everyone is up to it. Since Kia also got some rebates for now i'm hearing 6k better grab it fast if you're into buying a new car. Sure can one. Rugi woo tak angkut. Who say cannot got amoi on the side? Agree, gotta test all car 1st then only can decide. All brands got rebate now but when Kia give RM6K rebate wth sunroof some more. What's else do you want with that kind of price lah.

Iriz,Myvi,Picanto, iriz dengan kia rio mana lagi jimat minyak? To love at all, is to be vulnerable. Heard its only RM 78k. Still under RM 80k, maybe you can consider? Scathach Group: Potong saga or Axia. Good thing Honda never did any advertisement on how many durians it can keep at the back. The safety spec sheet is the same as the CBU which includes: As the CKD Jazz does not have this feature, it has to be removed.

In addition, owners get to enjoy 6 months or 10,km free labor services whichever comes first. Now, we would all like to make a special mention that the RM25, reduction in cost has nothing to do with government initiatives beyond what is already in place. The reasons why Honda can price the CKD Jazz at such a competitive price without removing any feature other than the auto door lock is due to a few factors: Honda is expecting a monthly sales of units from its 64 Honda dealerships nationwide. Personally, I think this is a brilliant positioning strategy from Honda.

With the Prius C selling at RM97k seen as the only contender to the Jazz Hybrid comparison article between the Toyota and Honda hybrid found HERE and hybrid customers are a different league from regular petrol engine buyers, there is very little reason for Honda to reduce the selling price of the Jazz Hybrid further. To this end, differentiating the product offering with a much lower priced Jazz makes perfect sense.

Buku Manual Jazz Idsi(1)

One might ask why not position the City as the cheapest model? For once, I am very glad and grateful that the company did not do that. So, have you placed your order yet? Though working in a field completely unrelated to the automotive industry, kenso has always had an interest in dabbling into the automotive industry, particularly business related aspects such as sales, marketing, strategic planning, blah blah blah. You can probably find better sources of technical specifications elsewhere if you dig long enough in the internet as this blog talks about the real life ramifications of who, what, where, when and why of the automotive world and focuses on relevant information to potential buyers.

Do like the facebook page "http: You're always welcome. For the 1st time i feel finally they have launch a affordable car. Not exactly cheap but still better then 90k range right? Nothing that runs on 4 wheels and can comfortably carry 5 people in it is exactly cheap in Malaysia, mate.

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