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It also offers 10 video filters, eight TV-style themes with matching titles, transitions and music, and even 14 templates for Hollywood-style trailers, with graphics and original scores. To enhance it, you can add slow- and fast-motion effects for video and audio, and maintain audio pitch, with support for and fps slo-mo video files. The app also offers templates to create multi-layer 3D animations, transitions, and titles, as well as 16 types of transitions, including dissolves and fades.

Plus you can generate professional-looking motion titles and graphics with control over text, font, colour, size, position, and rotation.

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  • Part 2: Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad.
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So what about Android devices? Supporting multiple layers of video on supported Android devices , images and text, as well as multi-track audio, the app enables you to trim video clips and layers precisely at frame-by-frame granularity, while audio clip timing can be adjusted with sub-frame accuracy. KineMaster also offers instant edit previews, precise volume envelope control, colour LUT filters, speed controls, chroma key compositing and 3D transitions.

From the makers of the GoPro, Splice is aimed at people editing footage from that action camera, but it began life as an all-purpose video editing app and continues to serve that role well, whether the footage comes direct from your iDevice or elsewhere. On the whole then, Splice is pretty similar to iMovie, letting you import, trim and arrange video clips, and add transitions, text overlays, filters, titles and "documentary-style effects".

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad: 12222 Edition

Plus you can change the speed of your clips, which has obvious appeal to the GoPro user. Splice also lets you lay down multiple audio tracks, offering you the use of free songs and sound effects, as well as syncing with your iTunes library. Still, it does offer a straightforward interface that lets you drag and drop your media in a timeline interface quickly and easily, as well as adding transitions and music.

However, that also makes it difficult to choose …. Adobe Premiere Clip. Adobe Premiere Clip is a very okay video editor on iPad and iPhone.


It does some really basic stuff like cutting, cropping, clipping, adding some effects, and even some audio controls. It also has integration for Adobe Creative Cloud and some other Adobe apps like the mobile Lightroom app. However, it just doesn't cross line into the realm of professional video editing. This is definitely okay for some basic stuff and those with Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions may find it useful.

There are better options, though. Apple's Clips and iMovie apps. Apple has two video editing apps for its mobile devices and tablets. The first is the classic iMovie app. It's long been one of the better apps for beginners, simple content, and other basic stuff. Clips adds things like filters, text, music, emoji, etc to already existing video clips. Neither of these are professional quality video editors. However, iMovie gets the job done for that quick video you want to make for social media while Clips can dress up a video clip with some fun stuff as well.

They're both free apps with no in-app purchases or advertisements. Filmmaker Pro. Filmmaker Pro is one of the more popular video editor apps on iTunes. This is one of the few that boast a more professional set of tools. That includes support for 4K videos on some devices , advanced settings like compression rate, video grading, chroma key support for you green screen people out there , text overlays, and more. In our testing, the UI is easy enough, though it will take some time to learn how everything works. The app does require a subscription for all of the features.

We're not fans of subscriptions, but every app needs a flaw, right? LumaFusion is another powerful video editor. This one comes a little closer to what one would expect from a video editor.

Best Video Editing App for iPhone 2018

It includes three audio and video tracks for multi-clip editing, 4K support, dozens of effects including chroma keying , layer effects, slow motion and fast motion support, audio effects, and even a small royalty-free audio library. However, that is single purchase.

There are no subscriptions with this one. It seems to cover all of the bases, even if it's not as powerful as a desktop editor. LumaFX is another okay video editor. It doesn't actually let you edit video like some of these other apps. Instead, it adds things like effects.

Ten of the best video editing apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 | Stuff

The app also features color correction, distortion filters, customizable presets, support for fast and slow motion and fps , and even some super basic animation tools. This is well suited for social media posts and similar cases. Those looking for something professional may need to go elsewhere. More recommendations from us! You don't normally think about creative stuff on Linux. Its an OS for productivity, servers, and getting work done.

However, there is actually a decent selection of video editors for Linux. The list is missing …. Video editing is one of the most complicated tasks on any machine.

Pocket Spielbergs: the 12 best video editing apps for mobile

It requires audio and video rendering, special effects rendering, and support for tons of file types. Most people use video editors for simple …. Magisto boasts about its smart video editing capabilities. It automatically makes videos for you. You choose a style, the various clips and photos that you want included, and then choose music. The app brings it all together in a short clip with all of those elements. It supports up to 30 photos and 25 minutes of footage. The app requires a subscription for most of its best features and we think the price is a tad steep for what it does.

Editing video on your tablet or mobile is easier with these top apps.

However, people seem to really enjoy this one and, honestly, we did too. Splice and Quik by GoPro. Splice and Quik are among the most popular and best free video editor apps. Both apps are by GoPro, the camera makers. Splice leans toward the traditional video editing experience.

It lets you add music to clips, title slides, text overlays, and various filters. Quik is similar to Magisto. It automatically generates completely clips from whatever photos and videos you want. Both apps are entirely free and work well. These are mostly for social media posts or simple YouTube videos. Professionals may want to look elsewhere. VideoGrade is one of the simpler video editing apps on the list.

It's a basic app for color grading.