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Head over to that eBay store for more details. This page is a reference guide for anyone looking to unlock the iPhone using software. Simply look for your firmware version and your iPhone model, then click on the appropriate tutorial. Software unlocks used to be available for older iPhones all the way to iPhone 4. Devices that have been released after the iPhone 4 cannot benefit from a software unlock.

What is unlocking? Here are 2 articles you may want to look at: What is unlocking an iPhone?

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The original industry-altering iPhone, alongside a iPhone 6S. Ben Sin. Yeah, weird to think back to those dark ages, right? Recently, I got my hands on the very first iPhone A -- I was skeptical like most others and B -- I was starting my career as a journalist at the time and didn't have the cash. To be honest, it was probably a wise decision, because the first iPhone was a prime example of the adage that you should wait until the second generation to adopt a new tech product. In many ways, the second iPhone, the 3G, is the one that really became what modern smartphones are all about and yes, I purchased the 3G in and fell in love with it right away.

Below are some notes. The first thing everyone will notice when holding the first iPhone again is how small it feels. It's surreal to think that, at one point, the iPhone 1's 3. It's weird how small the first iPhone feels in the hand today. At It takes half a second after pressing on the home button for the phone to wake up. Launching most modern websites, even when connected on a solid wifi connection, takes 45 seconds or more.

But you know what? The camera. Sort of. But if you're taking photos in daylight and viewing them on the phone or even a small-ish laptop, the differences between a photo shot with the original iPhone and the iPhone 6S isn't that wide. There are so many answers out there but since i have all these specific questions i thought it best i asked you. Thank you in advance. The problem you may have is that you'll need to set up terms of contract with the carrier e. So if you're outside of the states, you may not be able to buy the phone at all.

Once you've got the phone you'll have to contact the carrier in order to authorise the unlock, which can take some time. At the end of the day your best but most expensive bet is always going to be purchasing an unlocked iPhone outright from a retailer like the Apple Store as this will give you the least resistance when it comes to actually using the device. Though it seems more expensive, it's generally the same or cheaper than choosing a contract and using a pre-paid plan. Personally I'd never buy a phone on a contract ever again as pre-paid makes more sense from a financial and freedom standpoint.

I have a locked iphon4s my friend was using that with a GSM jacket and insert the SIM card that was working but after some day I bought that iphon from him as I was changing my sim I could not run my sim and no network is showing on my phone so shoul I do now it does not accept any sim or not working suggestion please.

When I unlock the Iphone should the same phone number from before still be registered on the iPhone? If it's already unlocked i. That person has contacted me asking for the phone's previous phone number I've never heard this before and am hesitant to give him the phone number. Hmmm seems odd?

at the apple store iphone 3gs launch!

Maybe that person is trying to pose as you in order to get the phone unlocked? I can't see why the phone number would be important though. Whether you think giving them your phone number is disclosing too much information it's possible this was disclosed via eBay already maybe? I am in india bought iphone 3GS sometime back with Airtel Service provider here. Now I moved to different carrier but they refuse to unlock the phone due to no resources availability infact they don't know how to do it. Now I'm confused what to do?

Apple Begins Offering iPhone 3G/3GS Without AT&T Contract

Hi, I am in the U. If I bought a "no contract" phone from verizon or similar, which are generally cheaper than buying the phone unlocked outright, would I then be able to pay an internet unlock provider to unlock the phone and then use it in Australia? If your phone is locked to a carrier, the only reliable way of getting it unlocked is to get the carrier themselves to do so. I moved to Australia from the UK with a phone locked to Orange and they made it as difficult as possible to unlock the phone.

I ended up buying a new phone anyway and sending the old one back to family because I couldn't be bothered with the headache. Don't make that mistake! No unlock, no follow-up, they basically wasted a lot of time, and I could only call them at horrible hours of the night to sort it out. There's so many other things you'll want to do when you get here and playing unlock ping pong with these awful companies isn't one of them. Hi My friend wants to buy a second hand blacklisted iPhone 5s for me from Canada, the guy who wanted to sell it said that: The matter is that he putted two SIM cards and the phone showed their carrier names but with no signals and he stated that no signal is because its blacklisted, and this showing both carriers names means it is unlocked.

Is that correct? Honestly, I have no way of saying for sure. My experience with blacklisted iPhones is virtually non-existent, so here's what I know.

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The fact that your friend showed you the carrier logos means that it is likely to be unlocked, yes. However and that's a pretty big however I would never recommend buying a blacklisted phone. To start with, there's no guarantee the phone will work in your country, and even if it does work for now it may be blacklisted at a later date. You're also handling blatantly stolen goods and funding a black market. I mean. My phone is still lock!

And i cant unlock it. But my phone is in jailbreak. And they said that if im gonna update my ios. My phone will not turn on.

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  • iPhone 3GS, Now Available Without AT&T Contract in US.
  • Because the update needs a sim. I dont know how to unlock my phone. My iphone 4 is still in ios 5 because im too scared to update it on ios7. But i really want to update it but im scared it wont turn on again. Did you jailbreak for the unlock? If your unlock relies on a jailbreak and you update your phone, your phone will no longer be unlocked.

    Apple selling iPhone 3GS without contract, still locked to AT&T

    This could mean that your SIM no longer works as your phone would be tied to another network. Even if that was the case you could use the instructions for DFU mode section above titled "Help my iPhone won't turn on" to restore it. Hi I want to purchase an iphone 5 from a friend, she is getting it unlocked but she says the next simI put Iin the phone will automatically be lockedto that nnetwork.

    No, this is not true.

    Report: iPhones Can Be Purchased Without Proof of AT&T Plan | Cult of Mac

    Once an iPhone has been unlocked, it will be unlocked forever. If the iPhone is locked once you have put your SIM in, it was never unlocked in the first place. I have brought iphone 5s from US and I unlocked it in India it is working nice my question is can I updated my ios 7 to ios 8 is it safe or not. I purchased the used Iphone 5 in India which was originally purchased from UK and carrier locked to O2. I tried to fill online form on O2's website for unlock but it is asking for the phone number and I dont have that: Please suggest me that how can I contact O2 and what should i tell them coz I am not the original owner.

    I do have original purchased invoice.

    Report: iPhones Can Be Purchased Without Proof of AT&T Plan

    I also dont know how to check if my phone is blacklisted by carrier or not. Please help me out. Got my iphone 4s from the State and is Sprint amd still battling now to have it unlocked, please help. I have a new iphone6 plus I can't use because I can't find out which network it's locked to?! But it's a brand new phone I opened the box! No sim even entered the phone Need help: