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Visually, the device has a similar look to other bar shaped Samsung smartphones with the addition of a physical camera shutter button. The back panel has the faux leather texture found on the Galaxy S5 and comes in 3 colours; white, blue and black.

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There is a 4. The internal hardware consists of an Exynos Cortex A7 1. The standout feature is the It has optical image stabilization with Xenon and LED flash capabilities. The secondary camera is a 2 megapixel front facing camera which will please the selfie lover. Battery life on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is good with its mAh Li-ion cell that enables the device to have 14 hour talk time.

The S5 Sport has a 5. It's one of the best screens on the market right now. The default video recording is at p but you can also choose to record it in Ultra HD x pixels. The front camera is a 2MP shooter. The S5 Sport is powered by an 2. Everything from browsing multiple websites, multitasking to playing resource-hungry games will be done in a snap. The mAh battery ensures that you get to do all these without worrying about charging.

It can play hours upon hours of video and you will definitely get more than a day of mixed use. Other than the regular S5, the Sport comes with a grippy backplate, physical buttons and it does not have a fingerprint scanner. In addition it features preloaded activity apps for the fitness enthusiast.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first metal phone released by Samsung. The smartphone holds comfortably at 4. It feels much like an iPhone in its design, but the lower weight compared to the iPhone is attributed to the plastic mixed into the build. The compact size phone feels more noticeably solid compared to all plastic phones but unfortunately, it is not waterproof.

However, like the S5, it maintains the heart rate sensor on the soft touch back, albeit more discreetly hidden. Its x pixel resolution is disappointingly low.

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The lackluster pixel density of ppi adds to the disappointment. As a result details are less crisp. The p HD display loses compared to the p S5 screen. The camera produces amazing quality images with its multiple features. The front facing camera is relatively decent at 2. The Galaxy Alpha has an octa-core processor, making it extremely capable for even the most demanding of games. It runs on a mAh battery that is capable of lasting about a day or more of web browsing. It is important to note that the Galaxy Alpha does not have a micro SD slot to increase storage, limiting users to the internal memory.

Samsung Galaxy A series which initially stood Alpha. The A series smartphones are similar to Galaxy S series but with lower hardware specifications for a lower price. The Samsung Galaxy A5 measures at It is quite thin for a mid range smartphone. For storage, it features an internal storage of 16GB. To expand storage, it features a microSD card slot which supports up to GB. Expanding storage is highly recommended especially for users who store a lot of photos and videos because an internal storage of 16GB is only sufficient for normal mobile app usage.

As for operating system, Samsung Galaxy A5 runs on Android v5. The display of this smartphone is 5. It has multi-touch support and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 from minor scratches and damage. The pixel density is at approximately ppi which is quite high for a 5. Screen-to-body ratio of this smartphone is at approximately The primary camera can support features such as geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama and HDR. The camera is capable of capturing p video at 30fps. The smartphone has a non-removable mAh Li-Ion battery capable of delivering up to 16 hours of talktime on 3G.

For extended power, it supports fast charging with Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging-enabled chargers. Hands-on article by Jagadisa Rajarathnam. Samsung Galaxy Series Processor: Samsung introduced its smartphone flagship from the latest portfolio at a big event in London. Is Samsung's Galaxy S3 the new category leader in an attractive packaging?

The Galaxy S3 is a marginally better performer with a marginally better camera. But really these are two excellent smartphones that offer a glimpse of just how much phone you can get for relatively little cash these days. Comparison, online available, Short, Date: It offers a good design and build quality, despite our small niggles. Samsung has put together an impressive set of hardware resulting in silky smooth performance and extensive software features. It is certainly in no way outdated in the current market.

Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Total score: Samsung Galaxy S3 i Source: Samsung introduces a new compact version of its successful flagship model Galaxy S3. Gadgetspeak This is an Android phone, however if you can cope with the smaller size it can do quite a number of things that you would expect to need a larger device to complete.

This is a gram device that slips easily into a pocket or purse. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Samsung writes another chapter in the outdoor smartphone success story with their new Galaxy Xcover 2. Even though its inner life received a major overhaul, the end product is still just a mid-class device -- but it is certainly fit for the outdoors.

Outdoor-Smartphone mit Android 4. We venture to have a closer look. Affordable, stylish and handy: Samsung's Galaxy Fame is aimed especially at young customers.

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But perhaps it can also attract other target groups with features like a 5 megapixel camera and NFC. PC Advisor There's nothing wrong with a cheap, functional smartphone, and the Galaxy Fame is exactly that. The trouble is that even at this price the Fame is being squeezed out by much better phones that cost roughly the same amount. Windows-toting Lumia is a much better performer at a similar size, and the Moto's E and -G knock the Fame for six. It's not a bad deal, but for just a tiny bit more there are better deals to be had.

Techradar The Samsung Galaxy Fame is not a phone that will live forever, and it hasn't quite learned to fly. It is clear from the very outset that Samsung has used the ingredients to create a lower-end smartphone, such as the smaller internal chipset, the smaller screen and the low internal storage. We can see the Samsung Galaxy Fame selling a fair few units, especially given its super low price tag, and we don't see that as a bad thing, given that the majority of users will likely be young, and wanting a way of connecting to Facebook, but for anything more substantial, the handset really struggles.

Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: Techradar We can see the Samsung Galaxy Fame selling a fair few units, especially given its super low price tag, and we don't see that as a bad thing, given that the majority of users will likely be young, and wanting a way of connecting to Facebook, but for anything more substantial, the handset really struggles.

The Samsung Galaxy Young is a handy smartphone for novices and the young. We will discover them in our review. Its low grade hardware and dire performance mean that we'd rather have an alternative budget smartphone running Ice Cream Sandwich, or even Windows Phone 8, which can deliver in these key areas.

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Now the successor has been released, set to trump the flagship of But is this enough to defend the top spot? It Pro Samsung's Galaxy S range continues to set the bar higher with every refresh. The Korean firm has optimised performance, added support for multiple apps, boosted the display and shaved off weight.

Once Knox is activated, it could become an enterprise favourite. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 comparison video review: Should you upgrade? PC Advisor You might not believe we're already on the fifth generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphone but technology moves quickly and the Galaxy S5 is upon us.

But how is it different to the Galaxy S4 and what's new? While the S4 and Nexus 5 are still very good phones in their own right and offer better value for money, the iPhone 5S has a sturdier build, features a superior camera and comes loaded with improved security software. But with the S4's lifecycle close to its end and the newer Samsung Galaxy S5 expected to make its debut in the next few months, this could change sooner rather than later. Comparison, online available, Very Long, Date: Expert Reviews It's hard to find chinks the S4's general excellence. The storage is measly and the mono speaker and lack of FM radio may be a downer for some, but despite these it's still a lot of phone for your money.

Even considering that, the S4 is a lot of smartphone for your money today. The lack of a big.


LITTLE processor is a shame, as it looks to be a great idea, but even without it the S4 embodies that phrase rather nicely. Simply put, Samsung has squeezed more into less - and that's why it wins it our Ultimate award. Google Nexus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison review: Does the Nexus 5 stack up against the S4? PC Advisor You simply cannot beat the Nexus 5's price. Sure, the Galaxy S4 has a nicer camera and features expandable memory, but that price, coupled with the new Android OS make the Nexus 5 hard to top.

Comparison, online available, Very Short, Date: While the iPhone 5S doesn't have as good a screen as the Samsung Galaxy S4 it does feature a significantly better camera, longer battery life, more robust security features and, for those who can afford it, increased storage options. Comparison, online available, Long, Date: Techradar Make no mistake - the Samsung Galaxy S4 is far, far more than a Galaxy S3 'S' - Samsung may be copying Apple according to some people, but it's not as brazen as the Cupertino brand in flogging the exact same design with a slightly uprated processor and calling it a new phone.

Although we will admit, it's not as good overall as the HTC One, especially when you factor in the design. But there's no doubt Samsung will have to make a big step forward to keep users interested with the Galaxy S5, but for now we love the S4 and would be proud to have it in our pocket. Flagship smartphones go toe to toe Source: We'll give you a decisive verdict once we've fully tested the iPhone 5S. Galaxy S4 or LG G2? Its got some seriously impressive specs which make it a real contender at the top of the smartphone market. We're keen to try out the quirky design so look out for a review soon.

Comparison, online available, Medium, Date: Samsung Galaxy S4 Source: While we may not like some of the inbuilt Samsung software, which at times feels more like bloatware than truly useful additions to the Android experience, the hardware and design of the phone is simply superb. Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: PC Advisor The Galaxy S4 is a great phone with outstanding hardware and performance, but it's not flawless. We're disappointed with the build quality considering the handset costs a fair bit more than its rivals and while the S4 is packed with features we find a lot of them to be gimmicky.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Google Play Edition: Slashgear Android enthusiasts can be a demanding group. The call for pure-Android versions of flagships other than the Nexus range has been a consistent one, and it will be interesting to see how many Google Play Edition phones actually get bought.

Adding to the muddle is the pricing: What the two Google Play Edition phones offer is a compromise somewhere in-between. The freedom of pure Android and the freshness and undeniable appeal of flagship hardware. And although T-Mobile's LTE footprint is small, you'll pay considerably less than other carriers over two years.

Laptop Mag Some say potato, while some say potah-to. The handset retains the hardware's strengths performance, graphics, a colorful display and a powerful camera without weighing the experience down with a skinned interface. Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: User reviews Source: Go to Apple's website to check out iOS 7," read the post. The Galaxy S4 is a great, great device in its own right, re-inventing what it means to own a brilliant smartphone in a number of ways. The gestures are cool, the touch-less experience amazing at times - in short, it's a wonderful phone you want to pull out of your pocket again and again and again.

It Pro Bigger, faster, lighter, better. Samsung returns with the Galaxy S4, the best handset in the world. Samsung's Galaxy S range continues to set the bar higher with every refresh. So we're awarding the crown to the S4, as it won in the more important battles. The phone boasts a better camera, slightly faster performance and a clearer display than its Apple competitor.

It was a close call, as despite being almost a year old the Apple iPhone still boasts superior build quality, more intuitive and bloatware-free software, and a slightly better battery life than the Galaxy S4. Because of this we're not convinced the S4 will be able to pull off the same feat when facing its real challenger, the next Apple iPhone. Laptop Mag Verizon customers shopping for a new smartphone should give their highest consideration to the Galaxy S4, which combines an incredible set of custom software with an eye-poppingly colorful 5-inch screen and the most feature-rich camera ever on an Android device.

If you want a Galaxy S4 but aren't sure which carrier to go with, Verizon's upcoming AWS network and reasonable data prices make it a strong option. PC Advisor Provided the Galaxy S4 mini doesn't offer poor performance we'll let you know as soon as we benchmark it , then the main reasons to opt for it over the full-size S4 are that you want a physically smaller smartphone or you can't afford the flagship. But the S3 is still a very good phone, with its screen, camera and performance remaining vastly superior to many newer smartphones from rival manufacturers, even a year after release meaning that for S3 owners, there's little reason to rush out and upgrade now to the S4.

Additionally, with the S4 now out, the S3's price has drastically plummeted. On the other hand, it has a done-to-death design. The build quality leaves a lot to be desired. The UI is cluttered, and despite having an extremely powerful octa-core CPU, the phone does lag in certain tasks. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nexus 4 smartphone comparison review: PC Advisor The Nexus 4 was our phone of last year. A game-changing super cheap but premium smartphone that offered great features, build and performance at a stunning price. Here we pit the Nexus 4 against Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 is a brilliant phone - although it's not without flaws. Here we compare the Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4, feature by feature. The Samsung often comes out on top, but remember that the Nexus 4 is significantly cheaper to buy outright. We'll let you decide which you think is more attractive since it's down to personal taste. What is worth pointing out is that the Galaxy S4 uses a largely plastic build with a removable cover while the iPhone 5 is made from glass and aluminium.

This is the key difference for us and where the iPhone 5 comes out distinctly on top. The Galaxy S4 is rounded and pebble-like, the BlackBerry Z10 a thin-and-stylish rectangular slab of black. The Galaxy S4 is mostly plastic with a removable cover, while the Z10's front is almost all black, but it also has a thin plastic removable cover. While, superficially, there's really not a lot of difference between the two, to hold, they couldn't feel more different.

We really like the new, more square-feeling SGS4. At the back, we prefer the SGS3 aesthetically, although the case design of the new phone is nicer - albeit still plastic. As always, the sign of a good gadget is one that we don't want to give back. Our review SGS4 is being returned tomorrow, and the truth is that we're really going to miss it. It is, therefore, a product we heartily commend. Samsung Galaxy S4 video review Source: PC Advisor The Galaxy S4 is a great phone with excellent hardware and performance, but it's not flawless.

Its high price tag combined with disappointing build quality means it can't outdo its rivals.

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We give it four stars and our recommended award. Think Digit Samsung has been much derided for still persisting with plastic for the Galaxy S4. Particularly when HTC laid its cards on the table with that gorgeous One, all dressed in the aluminum. However, it is important to keep in mind that with the same plastic finish, the Galaxy S III sold like crazy.

For anyone who wishes to buy one of these two phones, it will eventually come down to which one you like better. Or the sense of familiarity, in case you are upgrading from an existing Samsung or HTC phone. The performance of both phones is very good, and absolutely neck and neck. The phone looks a lot more refined and premium than its predecessor and the whole hullabaloo about the plastic chassis is much ado about nothing. Its build is miles ahead of the S3 and so are the ergonomics. Even if you discount the gimmicky gesture support, the S4 still beats the One in almost every department.

It has a larger display, better audio quality for headphones, better battery life and a better camera with more features. The One trumps the S4 in terms of chassis build, much better speakers for alerts and media playback, and a better implementation for the similar suite of camera features Zoe mode.

Laptop Mag The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most impressive smartphones on the market today, with plenty of power, a sharp and feature-rich camera and innovative gestures. The phone is also light and portable, but at the expense of design, as the S4's plastic exterior doesn't exactly scream luxury. The S4 also offers below-average battery life, so users may want to carry an extra battery. Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Exynos Octa-core: Engadget Contrary to our original expectations, the Octa-core GS4 isn't significantly faster or better than its Snapdragon sibling.

Sure, it offers a small advantage in overall processor performance, but the difference isn't as obvious as we thought it would be. However these inherent benefits are let down by poor build quality, needless Touchwiz bloatware and a less than stellar battery life. The S4 is currently a reasonable, but not great choice for business users — though this may change when Samsung launches its Knox security service later this year. Samsung slips a 5-inch TFT screen with Full HD resolution into a metal frame and fills the remaining space with all the good inner components from their flagship Galaxy S4.

A superior quality S4? Can it be true? Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: Reg Hardware As a smartphone, the S4 Active is every bit as impressive a performer as the S4 proper, but the dust and waterproofing are handy additional features especially as they have been achieved without plugging up the audio jack or locking the battery in place. Rugged and ready for adventure Source: If you need a phone that can survive the great outdoors, then the Active should be your first choice.

T3 The Samsung Galaxy S4 packs a nice design, a beast of a processor and an IP67 certified rating for water and dust resistance. However the overall feel gives the impression this is far more durable than it actually is, with the rubber bands on either end nothing more than window dressing. Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review Source: We have to say we're fully impressed by the phone that takes the best of the S4 and makes it something that's more life-proof in a variety of ways.

We can see this phone being the handset of choice for exercise fiends up and down the country, thanks to the combination of S Health or more probably another app that's a little better at tracking your exertions and a robust design that promises the Active could survive a slip. Techradar The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active finds itself a little in no mans land, and it's a difficult one for us to recommend outright.

So if you're in the market for a top end smartphone then we'd say it's worth taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and even the Nokia Lumia or iPhone 5, but if you fancy something a little different then you won't be disappointed with the Galaxy S4 Active. As with all Samsung phones, the addition of Touchwiz is a mixed affair, with the skin in general detracting rather than adding to the Android user experience.

Still, even with Touchwiz, to fans of Samsung Galaxy phones or those in need of a tough waterproof handset we thoroughly recommend checking out the Active. Ubergizmo English The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is being offered to a small niche of people who require their smartphones to be as rugged as they are. We know there are people out there who are literally being bombarded by water, mud, dust and everything in between on a regular basis, and something like the S4 Active should be right up their alley if they want their smartphone to survive their active lifestyle.

It may not offer as many bells and whistles as the Galaxy S4, but the Galaxy S4 Active is still a very good smartphone that will be able to offer the same overall Galaxy S4 experience in a durable case. It's got the kind of features that we wish the flagship smartphone has. There is a downgrade with some specifications but they don't seem like a big sacrifice. Performance is excellent and the neither display nor the camera could be described as poor.

If you want durability, this is the Galaxy S4 for you but it's worth checking out the Xperia Z as an alternative. Slashgear The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active almost did enough that we could legitimately ask why anybody would opt for the regular model. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review: Engadget Some may say the Galaxy S 4 Active is a gimmick; an attempt to squeeze as much momentum out of the GS4 brand as possible.

True, it's more "rugged lite" than "military-grade," and its display literally pales in comparison to its predecessor's. But water resistance aside, this handset still has quite a few things going for it.

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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active hands-on review Source: Software is also the same with Android 4. See also: Techradar So what do we make of the Samsung Galaxy Active? Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Source: It's sturdier and arguably better looking than the S4 it's based on, and hopefully gives a hint as to what the Samsung Galaxy S5 might be like. Robuste S4-Variante Source: Samsung extends its new device class with the new Galaxy S4 Zoom. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy camera, our 4. We put it to the test.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs. Nokia Lumia vs. Sony QX 10 camera comparison Source: Mobileburn The QX10 has an obvious advantage here because you can look at the camera and line up a very good selfie or group portrait. The other images use the front-facing cameras which are significantly smaller and not as good. You could use the rear camera but it's harder that way. PC Advisor The Galaxy S4 Zoom is only for those smartphone users who are truly dedicated to photography, and prepared to sacrifice some of the their phone in order to have a superzoom camera to hand. It's neither the greatest camera nor the best Android phone: But that doesn't make it a bad product.

    We award three and a half stars. It is such a niche product. Actually, it buys you both. But whether that makes it a good deal depends on your needs: Otherwise, look elsewhere. T3 The real thing about this phone is the size that the zoom lens attaches to an otherwise slim smartphone. It's chunky. But if you are planning to take a lot of photographs, it's worth it.

    But you do need to have photography as a significant focus to make this more valid than a regular smartphone. If it's not, the extra size and weight, though still fitting the pocket reasonably well, may leave you resenting how much bigger it is than all your friends' phones. Thanks to the addition of optical zoom and an improved camera sensor, images taken on the Zoom are significantly better than those taken on 99 percent of all other smartphones. However, as an actual phone the device is fairly middling.

    Featuring an underpowered processor, slightly disappointing screen and bulky design the Zoom isn't all too smart when it comes to basic phone functions, taking a fraction of a second longer than we'd like to boot up apps and web pages and feeling outright awkward in hand when being used to make calls or type messages. For this reason, unless you really need a camera on you at all times we'd recommend this as a smart camera device rather than a smartphone. Techradar We really want to like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom but we're just not sure there's a gap in the market for it.

    If the camera or phone part was better or the price tag was lower then it would make sense, but right now it's a poor compact married to a mid-range phone at a high end price tag. So ultimately the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is quite good, and given the quality of the camera attached to it it's not necessarily overpriced as such, we're just not sure it actually fills the small gap in the market that it seems to be aiming for. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Source: As a multipurpose compact camera replacement, however, it is second to none.

    The S4 Zoom will not appeal to everyone, but, on first impressions at least, it will more than satisfy the needs of smartphone owners looking for market leading camera capabilities. Our only concern is whether the slower lens can cope in low light conditions, which is something we'll look at it in detail when it comes to our full review. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review Source: Techradar The Samsung Galaxy Zoom is an odd device, and one we cannot see being a success. It's too chunky to be a phone you'd want to buy over something a bit sleeker, and it's likely to be a bit too expensive compared to a comparable compact camera.

    The phone is only average in some places, and many will yearn for a little more power when you're happily snapping around. That said, it doesn't fail in any area specifically, and if you were someone desperate for a hybrid device then this would certainly be the phone for you. Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom Source: Mix aus Smartphone und Kamera Source: Galaxy Cam trifft auf S4 Mini Source: Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs Galaxy S4 mini comparison review: New smartphone adds waterproof design, fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor Source: These include better components, more storage, a waterproof design and newer software.

    Let's not forget the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor either. Ubergizmo English Samsung successfully brought everything customers loved about the Galaxy S4 into the Galaxy S4 Mini, giving those who prefer a phone with a 4-inch screen something to enjoy. All eyes will soon be on the S5 Mini once Samsung makes their official announcement of its existence, but until then, the S4 Mini will give you a solid Galaxy experience within a small frame.

    And best of all, once the S5 Mini is announced, you can expect the price of the S4 Mini to drop a great deal. And while you don't get such features as Air View or Eraser Mode, you do get a phone that's easy to use with one hand, a built-in remote control and a capable 8-MP camera. The smartphone sits well in one's hand the position of the power button aside , and is small enough to slip into just about any pocket or sleeve. Despite feeling small in the hand, the Mini avoids feeling too small when it comes to the display.

    If you're in the market for a small smartphone that doesn't drag poor performance and low-end specs along with it, the GALAXY S 4 Mini is a solid choice. It has the pieces to make it an affordable alternative to some of the gargantuan top-tier phones, but it falls short of the mark. It's not, as the name suggest, simply a mini version of the Samsung Galaxy 4, but a completely different phone with wildly different specs and the only part that's the same is the plastic-fuelled design.

    The wait for a really good small screened Android phone continues. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Source: However, during our time with the phone the Galaxy S4 Mini proved to be a decent, well performing mid-range smartphone, and possibly more suited to a high-end label given its specifications. The handset's screen is on a par with those of some high-end smartphones on the market, and its battery outperforms those in most handsets with much higher prices. Techradar If you read this entire review, then you'll know exactly what we thought of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

    If you've just jumped to reading this page then you should know that the things we put into the 'disliked' section are really only minor details. Both of these phones are very similar in spec and layout, but try them side by side and we think you'll probably just prefer the One Mini PC Advisor The Galaxy S4 mini fits much better in the hand than its big brother and fortunately has the same stylish design. PC Advisor The Galaxy S4 mini is a great mid-range option, offering the same styling — which includes the same mediocre build quality — as its flagship counterpart, with a cheaper price tag.

    The cameras are good but the screen and storage are both under par. Engadget As much as we'd like to see a device that fits the literal description of the Galaxy S4 Mini -- you know, a phone that's all but identical to the original GS4, just smaller -- Samsung clearly had something else in mind. Instead, the Mini is meant for those who love the GS4 design and firmware but are looking for a lower price point. If you've just jumped to reading this page, you will have a rough idea.

    The things we managed to put into the disliked section are really only minor details. As for those wondering whether they should buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini instead of the Samsung Galaxy S3, truly that is something that you will have to decide for yourself. But the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini more than makes a case for itself, with the upgraded software, decent battery life and 4G tech more than giving the Samsung Galaxy S3 a run for its money.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini review Source: Techradar The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a surprisingly well built, premium looking handset with a good range of bells and whistles which will please any prospective buyer. We weren't overly impressed with the microSD placement or the bundled Samsung keyboard, plus the amount of internal storage available is disappointing - but these aren't huge issues and overall the Galaxy S4 Mini appears to be an excellent smartphone. Leistungsstark und dennoch kompakt Source: Laptop Mag For its affordable price tag, the Galaxy Exhibit phone packs a capable camera and some helpful software extras in a compact design.

    However, the screen is small, the battery life is lacking and both the data and overall performance are sluggish. In fact, we are surprised by the high quality of the 4-inch smartphone which even offers an LTE module. The Grand refresh is not worth its Rs 24, price tag Source: To sum up, the Grand 2 is a worthy upgrade to the Grand Duos but poor pricing, tough competition and lack of some crucial features might hurt its sales.

    This handset has a good screen, camera, and battery life. Many will find its interface garish. Features that were once exclusive to phones twice that price are tempting users, and multinational brands now find themselves competing with increasingly well-made phones from local manufacturers. Still, most phones in this price range tend to advertise a single trick such as a full-HD screen or new processor, while neglecting to mention that these things aren't very useful in isolation.

    In contrast, Samsung has delivered a well-rounded product that seems to strike a very sensible balance between price, features and performance. Large screens on phones at this price point are no longer crippled by low resolutions, and "quad-core processors" actually have enough meat on their bones to deliver superior performance. These are the voyages of the starship Notebookcheck as she continues her mission to explore the Samsung Galaxy S5. The crew is hoping for a result that is out of this world - and although the scores fall slightly short of expectations, the S5 nonetheless earns the smartphone-crown.

    Galaxy S6 vs S5 Source: Smart Wearables. Large Appliances. Small Appliances. Kitchen Appliances. Personal Care. Samsung Galaxy Fame S by Samsung.

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    Product Features: Who Viewed This Also Viewed Samsung Galaxy Fame S Specifications Group Rank: Overall Rank: Analysis Group Range: RAM Below Average. Inbuilt Memory Worst. Display Size Below Average. Display Resolution Below Average. Camera Worst. Front Camera Below Average. Battery Below Average. Thickness Below Average. Weight Above Average. Spec Score Below Average. You May Also Like Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Fame review. MWC It's got the specs, it's got the price - can the new Samsung contender corner the youth and budget smartphone naysayer market?

    What happens if you shrink the mini then?

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    Well, the Samsung Galaxy Fame would be the end result — a low-end Android smartphone that is about to be thoroughly examined. Whether it's capable of delivering The noble, simple design is i- n line with the trend and also provides a practical all-round protection for your smartphone.

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