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With this app, you can also upload your own custom maps in a number of formats for easy navigation. Locus Map Pro Android. Locus is the highest-rated navigation app for Android users. It has access to huge quantities of different maps inc. You can import custom maps, enjoy turn-by-turn voice navigation or understand places with the incorporated Wikipedia information. This app is really powerful! OruxMaps Offline Maps Android. Orux is generally considered the best Android mapping app because it is free and has an incredible raft of features.


You can set up multiple maps in layers, with per-map opacity control. Easily the most elegant and up-to-date of all smartphone maps, however, they are best used with data. While you have an internet connection, zoom in on a part of a map that you want to save. For a couple of dollars, you can download maps for all countries in the world which are stored on your device. The map data is provided by OpenStreetMap which is a collaborative open source database with information provided by hundreds and thousands of people.

This app has inbuilt Wikipedia and WikiTravel information which can be found at landmarks on the maps. The map data is provided by OpenStreetMap OSM which is a collaborative open source database with information provided by hundreds and thousands of people.

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Using the cycling navigation option, you will even find elevation profiles. You can choose various types of road surface to match the capabilities of your bike. The app will even show you the distance break-down of each surface. The turn-by-turn voice navigation is perfect. The biggest downside is that the offline maps take up a LOT of storage space.

Download the maps within the app and enjoy travelling on back roads and hiking trails with detailed topo maps. Super easy to plan, track and store your exploits. Sygic iOS. It employs high-quality car based maps from TomTom and other providers which are stored on your smartphone allowing you to navigate without an internet connection.

10 Best Offline Map Apps for iPhone and iPad (2018)

The navigation is voice-guided, provides alternative routes and drag and drop routing. This highly rated and powerful iOS app allows you to import and export GPX files, download maps cities, regions, countries for offline use, route, turn-by-turn navigate and track your trip. It incorporates , Wikipedia entries which are incredibly useful for finding points of interest while travelling.

This backcountry focused app is highly rated by bike tourers who spend time off the beaten track. With Gaia, you have access to a whole raft of worldwide mapping layers.

Soviet Military Maps Free Android. OsmAnd Offline Maps Android. As the name suggests, this app has access to OpenStreetMap data which can be downloaded to your phone through the app for offline use.

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A great feature of this app is the cycling and walking routes. This app includes navigation features such as voice guidance and re-routing. You can also search for addresses and find GPS coordinates. For iOS users, this is one of the better apps for offline searching and routing. Ride With GPS is more of a cycle computer that has inbuilt navigation and live tracking.

With a capable offline GPS app, you won't notice much of a difference versus the traditional maps-on-the-fly method. To get a look at the market for offline GPS systems, I downloaded four of the most notable names in GPS that support offline maps, turned my cellular data services off, and hit the road.

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These apps don't represent every last offline GPS tool on the market, but they do cut through a good cross-section of some of the most capable solutions out there. Before you get started, you select the states or countries you're traveling in, then download the maps to your device. For 50 bucks, you can get offline maps for most of the paved world.

5 best Offline GPS map apps for Android in 12222

Search is slow but otherwise capable, even when you're disconnected from data. There's no POI search feature though a few key POIs like gas stations do appear on the map , so all waypoints or destinations require a physical address, and you'll need to enter that information piece by piece—first city, then street, then house number—rather than all at once like you might be accustomed to.

On the road, Sygic offers both a top-down 2D view and a smart-looking 3D display, complete with local topography. Both are presented in vibrant color, which helps map features stand out when you're driving.

The 20 Best Offline GPS Apps And Smartphone GPS Navigation Apps

I preferred driving with the 3D display, both from an aesthetic and usability standpoint; all told it's probably the prettiest looking GPS app in this roundup. Sygic ships with metric units by default and tends to be quite chatty when using voice navigation. One of the first things you'll want to do is turn off the audio notifications when you're speeding; the spoken nagging about it makes for the absolutely worst driving companion ever. Otherwise, instructions are helpful, accurate, and delivered in a timely fashion, and Sygic recovers quickly with new instructions if you miss a turn or take a detour.

While some of the onscreen elements are a little too small to make out at a glance and more than a few elements of the interface are needlessly complicated, on the whole, Sygic is worth consideration. Additional features all cost extra include walking instructions, live traffic alerts, speed camera location information, photo-navigation, a heads-up display system, a dashcam feature, and celebrity voices—including both Homer Simpson and Mr.

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Android users can download a single app that covers the whole world, but iOS users have to pick from more than 20 regional options. Within iOS reviewed here , you can download additional country packs for a nominal fee the fee varies based on the region. Even with them, the app is easy to navigate. Designed with streamlined efficiency and a minimalist aesthetic, Navmii gets you from point A to point B as seamlessly as possible.

Search is natural and lets you search for full addresses or points of interest. On the road, the interface is presented in a pared-down, Apple-like motif, with minimal clutter and color. While driving, POIs are mostly hidden by default; you can activate them on a category basis. The app really seems to be tuned for efficiency; roads don't really curve so much as kink angularly at intervals, and spoken directions don't announce street names. Much like Waze, Navmii is designed to crowdsource traffic, road hazard, and other driving information like the location of speed traps , but in offline mode these features of course don't work.

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But whether you're online or off, in the car or on foot, Navmii is really a breeze to use—natural and intuitive and, most of all, fast. At the very least, there's no risk to give it a try—and downloadable celebrity voices include Stephen Fry and Snoop Dogg! Map downloads are easy and pushed to you when first using the app. Unlike many competing apps, CoPilot splits U. CoPilot includes a slightly odd POI search system, requiring you to pick a category hotel, gas station, auto dealership before searching CoPilot's database by keyword from there.

If you want something more free-form, you'll need to search Google, Yelp, or Wikipedia? It's a needlessly convoluted search system that unfortunately slows you down a lot. Searching by address requires a city or ZIP code first, then drilling down to street, then number—again, a slow process. Once you're on the road, CoPilot performs well. The service now offers 2D and 3D maps, shows POIs on your route when you're not in motion, and recovers gracefully after detours. Voice nav is overly chatty and is fond of telling you when something is "just ahead" but unfortunately doesn't announce street names.