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From that point on: By the same token you ll find other creatures that can make your worst nightmares seem tame. I look forward to reading the next book especially since the author left the book end as a cliffhanger. If this is going to be a serial, it promises to be an amazing one!

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I just loved Amy Bloom's White Houses. The love affairs of Elenor, and her lover. From the perspective, and voice of Hitcock. I loved the writing, the prose was poetic. It reminded me of the writing of, Paula McClain. I am a history buff, and Ms. Bloom description made you feel that you time travelled back. With everything exactly in the time. Down to the street lights. I had a difficult time at first reading.

Because you think of our president, and First Lady with no flaws. That is not true. We are all human. Just keep that in mind while you read. I enjoyed reading, and recommend it highly.

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App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Best iOS book apps to try in 2018

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Fixes to Dropbox integration. Updates and fixes for iOS Miscellaneous bug fixes. Contains optimizations for iOS8. Dropbox integration — Download books stored in your Dropbox account without leaving Bluefire Reader! Just tap Library in the top nav bar and choose Dropbox from from the menu. We appreciate your support! Miscellaneous bugfixes and enhancements.

Fixes bugs and crashing behaviors. Bluefire Reader has been completely redesigned for iOS 7. Bluefire Reader is cleaner and easier to use than ever! New features in this release include: Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements. Fixes a bug on devices running iOS version 5. This version of Bluefire Reader includes our powerful new image viewer that makes it easy to zoom in on, print and share embedded images in ePUB books.

Just double tap on the image to open the viewer, then pinch to zoom. You can even rotate the images—a big help when you're working with maps. They have a large library to choose from, including magazines. The nice thing about Kobo is they have their various reading apps for different platforms, plus dedicated ebook readers like the Kobo Aura One , and their ebooks can be downloaded in Adobe ePub format to read with other apps and other brands of devices as well, so there are plenty of options for reading.

Marvin might have the most features of any reading app on iOS. The list just goes on and on. OverDrive — The OverDrive app lets you borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and videos from public libraries for free.

10 Best iOS Reading Apps for iPads and iPhones

All you need is a library card. Hoopla Digital — Another option for library ebooks is Hoopla. They offer movies, music, and audiobooks as well with a library card. Love your website!

2. tiReader

Keep up the good work! Their books arent even ePubs that can be used anywhere else; they are as proprietary as they come…. Yes, but unlike the Nook they can be downloaded elsewhere so you can remove the DRM and convert it to whatever format you want. Understood, but the article is about e best reading apps. Your commentary sounds biased towards Kindle in that case, when the Nook app does everything the Kindle app does except the voice feature.

What happens in a year or two when they decide to give up on Nook because the business does nothing but lose money? Plus the Kindle app does have way more features than the Nook app. To add to what I was saying, the vast majority of Kindle and Kindle app users do not use outside software to convert formats and such for other use, thats users like you and me, so they are every bit as locked into Amazon as a Nook user….. Also, at least regarding the Kindle iOs app, it definitely does not have way more features than the Nook app, in fact it has less.

On Nook I can read my messages, read the daily snippets, etc etc, which the Kindle app only allows me to browse the store, my collection, and turn on the voice. If you mean more fonts, etc. The Kindle app can also have PDFs and personal documents and ebooks sent to it wirelessly, as well as library ebooks from public libraries. I have some questions.

Where do I start? Well, I prefer talking to someone rather than this format. However, I am getting a little desperate to figure this out. Haha, kind of. My 11 year old grandson is visually impaired. He reads Braille in school. He loves technology and that is not an understatement! He is able to go on utube to learn many things to figure things out on his different tech devices and how to play games. I am looking for a tablet or an ereader that he can use to take a short break from his Braille reading to read the same thing in print. Just to change things up a bit, maybe, hopefully make his reading a little more fun for him.

I have to have something that the text can be enlarged only not too large. I was given a nook GlowLightPlus. He said that the print looked dull. I think that the print was not dark enough.

10 Best iOS Reading Apps for iPads and iPhones | The eBook Reader Blog

I also did not think the print enlargement was very good. It had too big of a jump between something a little larger than normal and the next level up. The print and screen was not sharp , bright and clear. I have been reading your reviews and I am wondering- along with a lot of other wonderings I have- are all E Ink ebook readers gray looking in their text?

Do any of them have the ability to become a lot darker and sharper in the contrast? I did like your review on the Kindle Paperwhite 3. That I do not want because I am pretty sure we will not be getting that many books, maybe just a few books a year. Maybe, maybe not. I have thought about getting a 7inch tablet that would be great for reading ebooks and also have the ability to go online to do research instead of an ereader only device.

We like to listen to books on cd with real voices, I do not think I would like to listen to books that are computer generated. Although, he might like it just to change things up. A 7 inch or smaller screen would be best because he has to hold it up close to his right eye to see the screen. I do apologize for the length of this email.